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Panel one: My day started early, because Oliver's apartment doesn't have any friggin' blinds! A quick breakfast with Oliver and CR, and I was off to the festival. For those not in the know, I'm riding on one of Toronto's many streetcars, which I always enjoy. I was feeling hung over the entire day.

Panel two: I spent the first half of the day chatting with a majority of the artists on the festival floor. By far, the most interesting conversation was with Jose Villarubia, where we spent almost an hour talking about painting, Alan Moore, photography, comics (and especially about the potential of photo-comics), and all sorts of other things in between. He's a great guy.

Panel three: Met up with Max and Ben, and we grabbed some shwarmas for lunch. I'm such a sucker for shwarmas. And of course, conversations with these two are never dull.

Panel four: This is Meagan, only the second person to buy a minicomic from me. She was also at the M@B release party the night before, and was helping out at Matt's table today. She was awfully nice and friendly... is it possible to develop a crush on someone in the span of a day and a half? I think so.

Panel five: We hooked up with Pope Naked in the evening for the discussion panels and readings for the closing of the festival. More craziness ensued. It was nice to finally meet a "box person" in the flesh.

Panel six: Riding back to Oliver's place, I had the streetcar all to myself. Watching the buildings streak by in a mass of colours, I roughed in this comic in its entirety on the ride back. Ate dinner at midnight, and ended up shooting the shit with Oliver until 4 in the morning. Actually, I was going to throw Oliver into one of these panels, but I ran out of space to fit him into the flow of this comic. Another time, perhaps.

March twenty ninth, 2003: