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Washington Bridge

Meng: We've been driving north for a while now. We should probably turn left somewhere and start looking for the Washington Bridge if we want to get out of here.

Kean: Yeah, you're probably right. How about up there?

Meng: Sure. Okay, now where the hell are we?

Kean: I don't have a clue. What a strange little back road, though. Hey, is that the bridge up ahead?

Meng: Of course it is. You thought I was lost, didn't you? I know exactly where I'm going!

Kean: Uh-huh. Sure you do.

Well kids, that's all there is to see on this little trip. You can either go back to the previous page, return to the map of NYC (which will let you continue on with the journal archives), or you can just head back to the main page.